Protect Yourself & Be Pro-Active

Worried that you may someday become the victim of identity theft?

We offer
ID TheftSmart
Restoration and Credit Monitoring
 to help restore your identity and provide alerts if you ever experience unusual activity on your credit report.

For more information on these services contact us at 

 We recommend that you closely monitor your accounts.  If you notice any unusual activity or suspect fraud, please contact us immediately at (605) 287-4451 or 285-6400.

 To Start using Online Banking please Contact Us for your initial user name and password.


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News & Events



3/20 - NSU Indoor Track

3/26 - Eureka Early Bird

3/27 - NSU Indoor Track


3/23 - 7:00pm
   Talent Show




3/20 - NSU Indoor Track

3/26 - Eureka Early Bird

3/27 - NSU Indoor Track

  Eureka City


    Bowdle City



Serving the community continuously since 1903

When we opened our doors on May 23, 1903, we were committed to serving the community with all their banking needs.  We had our beginning at the turn of the century and have grown steadily with the community.  We have undergone many experiences including droughts and abundant rains, good times and bad.  We have witnessed technological changes that saw all of the records being kept by hand at the start and now the record keeping is 
entirely computerized.  We expanded our service area and continued commitment to customers when we opened our branch bank in Bowdle on December 7, 1999 and Eureka on June 14, 2016.  

Our commitment to serving the community is as strong today as it was in 1903.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff
is here to serve you.  We are available whenever you need us.  That’s our commitment to you. 

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